General Council oversees and reviews the mission and ministry of the Presbytery, making recommendations for strategy and development. The General Council is also the Board of Trustees for the Presbytery.  For questions or suggestions, Email:
General Council Chair:  Elder Ellen Reynolds
General Council Vice Chair: John Gingerich

Moderator and Vice Moderator of Presbytery  The moderator’s primary responsibility is to preside over Presbytery meetings. For information regarding Presbytery meetings,
Presbytery of Geneva Moderator:  Elder Joann Braun
Presbytery of Geneva Vice Moderator: Rev. Katherine Griffis

Budget and Finance Committee recommends the annual budget and oversees the implementation of appropriate internal controls. This committee is responsible for monitoring the income and expenses of the Presbytery including preparation of the yearly budget. For information regarding Presbytery financial matters,  Email:
Chair: Rev. Tim Johnson

Committee on Ministry (COM) oversees and advocates for healthy pastor and local church relationships. This is the committee responsible for the oversight of congregations and pastors.  For information regarding pastor and local church  matters, Email:                                                                          Co-Chairs: Rev. Ellen Donnan  & Rev. A.J. Tierson

Committee on Mission reviews and approves congregational applications for Presbytery mission funding. For information regarding accessing mission funding, contact:

Committee on Preparation for Ministry (CPM)   consults with persons who believe they are called to ministry service, overseeing and guiding the process on behalf of the Presbytery. For information on becoming a Minister of Word and Sacrament or a Commissioned Ruling Elder, Email:
Chair: Elder John Gingerich

Nominating Committee   recruits and recommends nominees to serve on all constituted committees and officers for the Presbytery. To recommend persons or to self-refer to serve on Presbytery committees or as officers, Email:
Chair: Elder Phoebe Baker

Personnel Committee oversees Presbytery employee matters.                                          For information, Email:
Chair: Rev. Cindy Weaver

Polity and Review  Committee oversees the annual review of session records and reviews current proposed amendments to the PC (U.S.A.) constitution for interpretation to the Presbytery. For information, Email Stated Clerk, Rev. Val Fowler:

Committee on Representation  advocates for inclusion and diversity in the Presbytery’s operations and governance. For information, Email

Presbytery Property Committee is responsible for the oversight and maintenance of the Presbytery’s office property. For information, Email 

Camp Whitman Advisory Committee  is a joint committee of General Council with members from both the Presbytery of Geneva and  the Presbytery of Genesee Valley. They are responsible for the maintenance and development of Camp Whitman on Seneca Lake.  For information, Email:  Chair: Elder Tom Bailey