Budget and Finance

For questions or suggestions regarding Presbytery financial matters, contact:
Budget and Finance Chair: Rev. Tim Johnson
Email: finance@presbyteryofgeneva.org

Budget/Finance 3.06

The Presbytery shall have a Standing Committee on Budget and Finance.  There shall be nine elected members.  The Chairperson or surrogate shall be a member of the General Council. The treasurer of the Presbytery shall be an ex officio member without vote. The Committee shall have these responsibilities:

  1. To monitor monthly income and expense statements and report the same to Council.
  2. To provide for, review, and make recommendations concerning the annual audit of Presbytery’s financial records and report to the first Council meeting after the completion of the audit report.
  3. To review and have control of computer accounting and bookkeeping procedures.
  4. To prepare an easily understood reporting form for financial statements for Council and Presbytery.
  5. To develop a budget format which separates program costs and administrative costs, and shows the division of per capita costs.
  6. To assist the Council as it carries out Budget Procedure in their role as Trustees.
  7. To represent Presbytery in its dialogue with units of Presbytery and Sessions concerning budget, per capita, budget timelines, etc.
  8. To recommend to Council the per capita budget based on requests received from committees.