Committee on Preparation of Ministry

For information regarding the process of preparing for service as a Minister of Word and Sacrament or Commissioned Ruling Elder, contact:
Committee on Preparation for the Ministry Chair: Ruling Elder John Gingerich


 The Committee on Preparation for Ministry shall consist of six members.  The Committee shall have as its responsibilities:

A. Receiving applications and recommending enrollment of inquirers.

B. Conducting annual consultations for all inquirers and candidates under care of Geneva Presbytery, providing guidance, support and direction toward the fulfillment of all requirements for ordination, as specified by the Form of Government of the PCUSA and by the policies of Geneva Presbytery.

C. Reviewing the evidence of the inquiry phase and making a recommendation regarding candidacy.

D. Providing a committee liaison to each inquirer and candidate of the presbytery.

E. Conducting the final assessment of candidates and making a recommendation          regarding readiness to be examined for ordination to the Ministry of Word and    Sacrament, pending a call.

F. Maintaining files on each inquirer/candidate under the care of Geneva Presbytery.

G. Recommending readers for standard ordination exams.

H.Administering the Candidates Aid Fund.

I. Provide training for those seeking to be Commissioned Ruling Elders.