General Council

Any other matters that you don’t know who to contact and on purchase, expansion, major renovations or sale of church property, borrowing of money, expenditure of principle sum of endowments or bequests, contact:

Members 3.01

There shall be a General Council It shall be composed of the following:  The Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Immediate Past Chairperson, the Moderator, Vice-Moderator and Immediate Past Moderator of Presbytery, the Treasurer, the Presbytery Representative to the Synod Mission Council, the Synod Commissioners (2), the Young Adult Advisory Delegate for Synod, The Commissioners to General Assembly (2), the Young Adult Advisory Delegate to General Assembly, the Chairperson of the Committee on Budget and Finance,  the Chairperson of the Presbytery Nominating Committee, Chairperson of Committee on Ministry, Chairperson of Committee on Preparation for Ministry, Chairperson of Personnel Committee, Representative of Presbyterian Women, three persons who shall be nominated and elected from among those who have served on a Presbytery unit in the last three years, the Stated Clerk (without vote) and Presbytery leader (without vote).

 Chairperson/Secretary 3.02 

The Chairperson of the General Council and Trustees of  Presbytery shall be elected for a one year term upon nomination of the Presbytery Nominating Committee from among those who have served on the General Council within the past five years.  In the case of an absence, the General Council shall elect a chairperson pro tem.  The Stated Clerk of the Presbytery shall be Secretary of the General Council.

Power/Duties 3.03 

The General Council shall have the following powers and duties:

  1. Review the work of the Presbytery in the light of the goals and priorities and directions developed by the Synod and the General Assembly and to recommend to the Presbytery appropriate directions for strategy and mission within the Presbytery.
  2. Guide Financial Matters in consultation with the Budget and Finance Committee
    1. Consider and report upon all proposals and appeals for money.
    2. Present to the churches the budget of the mission and benevolent causes and agencies as adopted by the Synod and General Assembly.
    3. Develop, prepare, and propose the Presbytery Mission & Operations Budget in consultation with the Budget and Finance Committee.
  3. Approve the sale, mortgage, lease, or other encumbrance of the real property of Presbytery or any congregation, upon the recommendation of the session of that congregation. (G-4.01 Book of Order)
  4. Organize or dissolve churches, and adjust difficulties in particular churches, after appropriate action by the Presbytery.
  5. Consult with and help coordinate the work of administrative personnel.

Chair: Rev Russ Roth

Past Chair:The Rev. Gail Heimberger:

Past Moderator: Rev. David Killgore (H.R.) ‘


Moderator: Dick Scheid

Vice Moderator: Elder Joann Braun:

Committee on Budget and Finance Chairperson:
Rev. Tim Johnson 

Committee on Nominations Chairperson:Ruling Elder Phoebe Baker 

At Large Member: Elder Ellen Reynolds (

PW Representative and Synod Commissioner:
Elder Virginia Champlin 

Committee on Ministry Co-Chair:
Rev. A.J. Tierson and 
Rev. Ellen Donnan 

Committee on Preparation of Ministry Chair:
 Rev. Kirianne Weaver Riehl (607) 272-2800
Elder John Gingerich
(315) 594-8980

GA Commissioners:
The Rev. Jim Kerr, 221st General Assembly Commissioner (2014)
Elder Kris Alling, 221st General Assembly Commissioner (2014)

Elder Cindy Weaver
Rev. Kirk Baker

Synod Commissioner: Elder Donna Colvin