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Committee on Nominations: Ruling Elder Phoebe Baker

Nominations 3.05

 The Presbytery shall have a Standing Committee on Nominations composed of nine members, who shall be elected for three year term each, one third to be elected each year.  The Committee shall be composed of one-third Teaching Elders, one-third laywomen and one-third lay men.  It shall be broadly representative of the churches of the Presbytery.  The General Council shall name the Chairperson annually.   The Stated Clerk, the Representative to the Synod Permanent Nominating Committee, and the Presbytery leader shall resource the committee. At its November Meeting, the General council shall nominate members to take office at the close of the Annual Meeting of Presbytery.  The Presbytery shall give full expression to the rich diversity within its membership and shall provide means which will assure a greater inclusiveness leading to wholeness in its emerging life.