Polity and Review

Polity and Review
Email: pastorval@juno.com
Stated Clerk: Rev. Val Fowler

The Polity and Review committee shall consist of six members. The Committee in consultation with the Stated Clerk will be responsible for:

  1. The annual review of Session Records and Church Registers.
  2. Reporting to the Committee on Ministry any problems affecting the pastoral relation or the health of the particular congregation.
  3. Reporting to the Presbytery any failure to conform to the provisions of the Form of Government or the book of Church Discipline.
  4. Where appropriate, suggesting to the sessions proper procedure and/or necessary action.
  5. Arranging for the adequate training of Clerks of Session as related to their particular responsibility to their Session and Presbytery.
  6. Reviewing all overtures originating in the Presbytery as to the propriety of their form and constitutional implications of their content. This will normally take place prior to submission to General Council and Presbytery.