The Synod of the Northeast has embraced a bold new vision.  We believe “God has a dream for our congregations and presbyteries – a way we may be called to serve in response to a particular need within the regional community of the northeast”  and we are inviting the congregations and presbyteries of the Synod to enter into a partnership with the Synod to discern and pursue God’s calling to be engaged in emerging and/or transformational ministries.  In endorsing the Synod of the Northeast Coaching Network, the Synod recognizes that coaching has proven to be one of the most powerful tools for development available today in both the business world and the church, helping both individuals in leadership roles as well as church leadership teams discover, embrace and work toward their God-given goals.

The coaching relationship creates space and time for Holy Spirit to be heard and provides support for leaders of emerging and/or transformational ministries to live into their call. The coaching relationship is an incubator in which the client can expand their mental and emotional capacity to work through both the technical and adaptive challenges that face all leaders today. Coaching is both reflective and results oriented.

Are you a leader (or team of leaders) involved in transformational ministry, developing an emerging ministry, or moving forward as after being recognized by Synod Council as a network?  A coaching relationship can provide time and space for Holy Spirit to be heard and lead you forward in a thoughtful, creative way.  As your coach listens deeply and asks powerful questions, you can become aware of and commit to new possibilities for action and become more aware of obstacles that may be holding you back.

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